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Class Time

Class Time

Class Time

During the last couple of months, IAS has held motor control classes for Shaw Electricians.  Not only is the material good for electricians to know, our licensed electricians also receive Continuing Education Units for attending the classes.  They need 18 hours of CEU’s every 3 years to maintain their state electrical licenses.Classes have been held in Davenport, Waterloo, and New London.

Instruction included basic motor control circuit elements, hands on building of control circuits, schematics, troubleshooting, and safety.

Below, Adam Fraise (far left) troubleshoots a motor controller that Stephen Mahieu (standing) has created a ‘problem’ in. Kurt Wagner (left) and Nathan Burden (right) watch as Adam does his troubleshooting.

If you have questions about CEU classes, contact Dan Freeman.



Ken Deering