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Commissioning Assistance

Commissioning Assistance

Commissioning Assistance

When a new plant is constructed, a big step to bringing the plant into production is to commission the new equipment, and make sure it all works as designed.

Recently, a new plant, whose power distribution system was designed by IAS, was nearing the end of the construction phase. The distributed control system integrator was new to network controls with a smart Schneider motor control center. So the integrator and customer requested IAS help to configure the computers in the motor control center and help the integrator establish communications.




Above is Jimmy, an IAS engineer, and above right is Edgar, an intern, who were tasked to help the DCS vendor. They worked with experts from both companies to optimize communications and confirm wiring.

With IAS assistance, startup challenges are being overcome, and the customer is closer to getting a plant that is checked out and ready for production. Please tell your customers that IAS has the knowledge and capability to test and commission new equipment. May the new plant have excellent production for many years!

Ken Deering