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Control A Shredder

Control A Shredder

Control A Shredder

When businesses want to destroy sensitive documents, they shred them.  In this case, the industrial shredder that is getting new controls actually shreds raw material so it can be made into new product.

Here, Jimmy is programming the industrial control computer, on the right.  The industrial computer is called a PLC, or programmable logic controller.  He’s also programming the operator interface, called an HMI, which you can see on the computer screens.

Industrial computers like this scan their sensors hundreds of times a second, and depending on what it sees, it performs the logic that Jimmy has programmed and controls the machine accordingly.

Our readers have experience with PLC’s in their daily lives.  There is a small version of this type of computer in your car.  It controls the car depending on its inputs, sensing your gas pedal position, for example.  These computers are robust, fast, and dependable.  No wonder auto manufacturers and industrial customers rely on them.



In this case, Jimmy is going to replace an existing PLC and operator screens that have been in service for many years.  The new PLC and HMI’s will serve our customer for many years to come.

Please tell your customers that IAS can bring total design, programming, installation, and service for their control needs!

Ken Deering