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Designs and deBuilds

Designs and deBuilds

Designs and deBuildsSteve

When our customers need electrical panels designed and/or built, they come to our experts at IAS.

Here, Mike Truninger is building a control panel for an ethanol plant. This panel will control gates on a new DDG handling system, allowing the customer to drop DDG into a number of different bins, while controlling which bin is being filled from the ground.


Above, Steve Garthaus, our design drafter, is standing next to designs he created for another panel shop in town for motor control centers. In the cabinets Steve designed are variable frequency drives, motor starters, breakers, operator screens, and the like.

In this case our customer will be able to show their customers what the finished product will look like, and build the motor control centers from these designs.

Steve continues to learn and grow in his job, and bring value to our company and our customers. That’s a win-win!

Please tell your customers that IAS can bring designs and control panels to them to address their control system needs.

Ken Deering