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Field Service Supervisor

Field Service Supervisor

Field Service Supervisor

There are a few changes within the IAS department since Ken’s retirement. I have taken over as IAS manager and now Stephen Mahieu has accepted new responsibilities as Field Service Supervisor. The job title he already had but his role has changed. In addition to being a highly respected and very talented electrical technician, Stephen now manages the IAS service calls and preventative maintenance projects.


Stephen has been with IAS for over 8 years now. His expertise in the electrical maintenance industry is second to none and he provides the foundation for our preventative maintenance services.

IAS strives to partner with all our customers to maintain their electrical equipment. Whether it is infrared scanning, ultrasonic testing, VFD capacitor reforming, battery bank testing, circuit breaker testing, or simply cleaning and inspecting, IAS can do it all.

Give Stephen a call to congratulate him on his new role and also pass on any customer contact information who may be in need of PM services.

Josh Kruse

March 2017