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Line 13

Line 13

Line 13


You may think an industrial process with a name such as Line 13, there may be many problems. After all, if there aren’t any Floor 13’s in buildings, should there be a Line 13 in a plant? And if IAS and Shaw Electric were to redo the power and control on Line 13, would the project be snake bit?









Not when you have the project designed and led by Mr. Josh Kruse, and installed by IAS’s M&M’s, Mike Truninger and Mark Johnson, and Shaw electricians Mike Thola and Tim Clark, Sr.




Don’t forget our drafter Mr. steve2Steve Garthaus, who put Josh’s designs into AutoCAD for our field folks to wire by.

The project turned out anything but snake bit. The installation was ahead of schedule and under budget, and the startup was quite smooth. Even though this line is the most complex Josh has tackled to date, the job turned out great!

From engineering to controls, from panels to field installation and startup, IAS and Shaw Electric team up to provide full service to our customers. This is a strength of our team that has led to many satisfied customers looking for 1 contractor to do it all. Pass on our capabilities to your customers!

Ken Deering   11/1/16