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New IAS Leader

New IAS Leader

With the impending retirement of your intrepid
reporter, Shaw Electric has turned to Mr. IAS
(and ISU), Josh Kruse, to lead IAS into the

Josh is coming up on his 14th anniversary with
IAS, starting with the company out of school.
Having touched every aspect of our business,
and excelled on jobs across the spectrum, Josh
is ready, willing, and able to lead the group.

Josh is an Iowa guy, who grew up on a farm
in the Mt. Pleasant area. He’s known in the
area for anchoring the corner on the defensive
line, and playing center, for his Mt.
Pleasant High School football team.

Josh went to Iowa State (go Cyclones!) and
received a degree in Computer Engineering.
He married his high school sweetheart, Kara,
and they are blessed with 3 children.

Some folks may not know that Josh started in
the field with Shaw Electric at the Burlington
Hospital job. He traveled to Rolla, MO, to
wire up the Royal Canin plant. Josh now has
his professional engineering license and is
one of the top electrical engineers in this region
of the country.

With a good group of IAS professionals ready
to serve and solve, we know Josh and IAS will
continue to grow and prosper.