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Panel Shop

Panel Shop

Panel Shop

There have been many changes going on with the Light Expressions warehouse these past few months. It is really starting to look good.


Have you noticed the new IAS panel shop? If you look at the old location, you’ll see a pretty barren room. Down on the other end of the building, you’ll see a new panel shop taking place. Bigger, brighter, better layout, and better tools! This is a great step up for IAS and panel building.

Above, one of the M&M’s, Mike Truninger, is wiring up LED task lighting.  Not shown is Jesse ‘The Juggernaut’ Alvarez, who has installed much of the electrical for the shop.




The other half of the M&M’s, Mark Johnson, is installing shelving and parts storage.(ABOVE)

We’ll be ready for panel building in the new shop by June 6. Please let your customers know of our panel building capabilities and new shop! We will be ready and more capable than ever to deliver high quality engineered panels to our customers.


Ken Deering