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Panel Times

Panel Times

Panel Times

Industrial Automated Systems and Shaw Electric provide engineering, panel building, and electrical construction services for industrial establishments in Iowa and Illinois.  Currently IAS and Shaw have teamed up to complete a major controls upgrade at a co-generation plant.

IAS designed and built the control panels for the plant, while Shaw Electric is providing field installation of the controls.


Here Victoria, our Light Expressions Warehouse leader, is demonstrating the size of one of the panels.  Victoria has been a big help moving panels and parts in and out for us.  Thank you, Victoria!


Mike, one of the M&M’s, is assembling a control panel.  Mike will wire according to the plans and test with our engineer, Josh.  He will also have some custom field wiring at the power plant when the panels are installed by Shaw Electric.

From engineering to controls, from panels to field installation and startup, IAS and Shaw Electric team up to provide full service to our customers.   This is a strength of our team that has led to many satisfied customers looking for 1 contractor to do it all.  Pass on our capabilities to your customers!

Ken Deering 9/22/16