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Drafting & Design

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATED SYSTEMS offers a wide array of drafting and design services utilizing AutoCAD or MicroStation software. Our experienced team takes pride in upholding the highest industry standard in order to provide an accurate and cost effective product. We work with our customers to create a physical model from their conceptual thoughts so that they may have accurate visual representations of their ideas and innovations.

Bringing Ideas to Life

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATED SYSTEMS in-house design/drafting department has experience providing documentation on a variety of sectors, such as: electrical plans and studies, one line diagrams, control panel layouts and schematics, architectural electrical drawings, solar power system design and more.

  • Qualified Professionals – IAS has design/drafting experience of 10+ years, and works hand in hand with our licensed engineers to create clear concise solutions for an ever-changing industry. Utilizing our experience in engineering, design, drafting, installation, and service, IAS creates plans that meet our customers’ every need.
  • Industry Experience – IAS has applied design drafting experience in the industrial, architectural, and utility worlds. From engineering designs and studies, to one-lines, layouts, control panel layouts and schematics, solar PV systems, and more, IAS can bring your ideas to life in drawings.
  • Drafting Platforms – IAS drafting has experience with both AutoCAD and MicroStation, allowing us to provide drawings in the format preferred by our customers.
  • Mechanical Designs – Our drafting department also has years of experience with mechanical designs and isometrics. If you have a machine part to a building envelope design you would like put to CAD, call us up. We can get the job done.
  • Contract Drafting – If your organization needs part time or temporary drafting coverage, we can help. Our helpful personnel can work with your folks to provide drafting help that will help fill your drafting void.
  • Plots and Printing – IAS can provide you with the output you want. Plots of any size, black and white or color, CD’s, thumb drives, files by email, IAS can get it done.