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Sun’s Coming Up!

Sun’s Coming Up!

Sun’s Coming Up!


With solar system prices coming down and electricity rates going up, most folks are seeing solar photo-voltaic systems popping up around Iowa and Illinois.  And IAS/Shaw Electric are there to provide quality installations for our solar customers.


Here are two solar warriors, Mark Johnson on the left, Josh Thola on the right, braving the wet and cold December, at an array they just installed.  Not shown is Cecil Becerril, as he only showed his backside to the camera.  Mission accomplished, Cecil.

How big of system would you need to supply your electrical needs?  Call IAS.  We can assess your current and future needs, and size a system to fit your needs.  We can also show you what your financial returns will be, so you plan your investment accordingly.

If you, or you know someone or some business or organization considering a solar electric system, let us know.  We’ll be happy to discuss options and possibilities.  IAS/Shaw Electric can bring quality solutions for solar energy systems.  Let the sun start working for you!

Ken Deering