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IAS and Shaw Electric have teamed up for another large controls job lately.  This one isn’t the World Wide Web, it’s a web tensioning application for a local industry.

What is web tensioning, you may ask?  It is the process of pulling a flexible product, coming off a manufacturing process, through a series of rollers and winders, all the while maintaining just the right amount of tension on the web of material so it doesn’t break or get balled up.  This is not as easy as you may think.


Mike Truninger, above, also wired controls.















Josh Kruse, the mastermind of the project, is on the right.  He did the engineering and integration work.  Mark Johnson, on the left, wired the controls, and Josh Cozad in the center performed field wiring for the motors and control wires.




Tyler Mills, right, also performed field wiring.  Not shown are Shaw Project Manager Eric Holst, Supervisor Lee Luett, who, out of respect for my camera, declined to be photographed, Bob Portz, Matt Jensen, and James Greer.


The project came in on schedule and on budget, with process startup in progress.  Well done Josh and Company!

Ken Deering