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Value to the Customer

Value to the Customer

Value to the Customer

For an industrial customer, having a contractor that can do design work, perform the installation, and start up the new installation is valuable. Throw in the added dimension of being able to do this from micro controllers and programming, to 15kV substation design and installation, this is very valuable. And the cherry on top is 24/7 service. Now that’s a winning combination.

This is what IAS and Shaw Electric recently did at a large food grade manufacturing facility. The pictures show our folks providing both design and construction activities, as well as performing preventive maintenance activities.

Adam Fraise (Below – Left) and Mitch ‘Smell the’ Coffey (Below – Right), our jack of all trades crew.

Adam and Mitch


Alex McRoy installing IR windows for future thermography surveys. (Below – Left)

Even Darin Maynard ‘Ferguson’ from the warehouse got in on the action! (Below – Right)

Alex M Darin


Mark Johnson said the breaker testing would be done in a snap. Was he hoping for a genie? (Below – Left)

Matt Lanhart’s reaction when learning that Stephen would be testing Matt’s terminations (Below – Right)

Mark Testing MAtt L


Josh and Stephen deciphering a transformer fan controller before installation.(Below – Left)

Steve Garthaus, our drafter, pitched in for the big outage day. No AC and computers today, Steve! (Below – Right)

Stephen and Josh Steve!

Please tell your customers that Shaw Electric and IAS can bring total design, installation, and service for their electrical needs!

Ken Deering